Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And it commences...

Come on in for a ride through time back into the glory days of our lives.  Memory lane is only a click away!

I figure we should start this voyage off easy with a simple toy that EVERYONE owned or played with at some point in their lives.  

The slinky!

Who knew a seemingly endless set of silver loops could be so entertaining?  I know I've had my fair share of attempts trying to get it to walk down the stairs.  (never succeeded)  Whether it's testing how far this metallic slug could stretch or untangling the mess you just made, this toy goes down in the books as legendary.


  1. This toy reminds me a part of The Simpsons when they drop it and it stops at once xD

  2. Ace Ventura's use of a slinky during his 2nd movie was what got me hooked! Love the blog idea, but I NEEED more!!!

  3. I could never get it to go down stairs either =/

  4. lol,i remember thoes,i'd allways break em'

  5. LOL I still have a huge one! +followed