Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time for a Thriller!

The myth, the man, the legend.  This entire post is dedicated to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. 

Although his time in court drew attention from his performance, I still consider him the best entertainer to walk the earth.  There would be no moonwalk without him!  He is the greatest dancer of all time without question (sorry Chris Brown doesn't hit it, I mean cut it) and MJ proved it time and time again.  The infamous crotch grab, the toe stand, the entire thriller skit; your choice my friends.  There's just no denying this man was the king of entertainment.
The turn off factor for most is his behind the scenes act.  Many people consider MJs "perfect 10" to be two 5 year old boys.  I will defend the king til no end.  He was a victim of the media.  PLEASE show me proof that he actually molested children.  All you are doing is depriving us of entertainment.

RIP MJ.  You will be forever missed. 


  1. The biggest man of the whole history!

  2. He may have diddled a few kids, but who hasn't? Joke of course. He was an entertainer ahead of his time.

  3. Thriller for a time! followed

  4. If you are worth more dead than alive . .

    you'd better watch your back.

    I think that's what happened to MJ

  5. Thriller. greatest pop song in the world